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Bertha Honore Palmer’s Rediscovered Point Garden

Point Garden is located at the end of The Point. Several concrete structures, including pathways, benches, and planters have been hidden in the overgrowth for decades.

Extensive, professional care will be needed to clear the maze of brush and reopen Mrs. Palmer’s beautiful oasis on the Bay.

This large concrete urn planter can be restored and reinstalled for generations to enjoy. We need your help to bring Mrs. Palmer’s vision back to life.

We need your help to reopen Mrs. Palmer’s Point Garden to the public!

While sailing from New York to the west coast of Florida, the Webb family met a Spanish trader in Key West who told them of a special high point of land extending into the bay south of Sarasota. After searching for months, the Webbs finally found the high point and established their homestead in 1867. They found Native American remains, which attracted the attention of the Smithsonian Institution. 

In 1910, Mrs. Bertha Honore Palmer discovered The Point and was inspired by nature to create gardens for the pleasure of her many guests.

Last year’s Party at The Point paddle raised funds that we have used to restore the elegant Sunken Garden. This year, through the efforts of volunteer Bruce Thistle, we discovered a garden that has not been seen for decades — Mrs. Palmer’s Point Garden; located at the end of The Point, beyond Point Cottage. 

This garden includes the ruins of pathways, benches and concrete planters — it is indeed a diamond in the rough. This year’s paddle raise will fund the enhancement of this hidden gem to allow students and visitors experience Mrs. Palmer’s Point Garden for the first time in the history of Historic Spanish Point. Please join us in bringing history to life by revealing Mrs. Bertha Honore Palmer’s Point Garden for all of our museum guests to enjoy! 

Be sure to raise your paddle at Florida Fancy: Party at The Point to help breathe new life into Mrs. Palmer’s Point Garden!