H I S T O R I C  S P A N I S H  P O I N T

Summer Adventure Camps

Summer Adventure Camps are a great way to add extra excitement to your summer fun plan. Send your children back to the “good old days” at Historic Spanish Point. If you are tired of finding your kids glued to a screen and wish they could spend their summer the way you used to, then Historic Spanish Point summer camps are the way to go! Historic Spanish Point Adventure Camps take the children of today back into the past, with carefree, out in nature, wonder-filled days they will remember forever. Camps run weekly from May 29th through August 10th 8:30 AM -4:30 PM, sign up for one or sign up for them all …. and let the summer fun begin.



  • Historic Spanish Point Summer Camps are $125 per week per camp.
  • Register Early – Space is limited!
  • No refunds will be issued after May 21st, 2018.
  • A $25 cancelation fee will apply for cancellations prior to May 21st.
  • 10% sibling discount is available – contact the museum directly at 941-966-5214

Nature Adventure Camps


This summer fun camp focuses on nature, the environment, archaeology and what life was like in prehistoric times. Meet the resident wildlife, plants, and bugs at Historic Spanish Point. Enjoy Nature walks, scavenger hunts, exploring expeditions and games. Be an archaeologist for a day, and practice your arts & crafts skills using only natural materials.

Fishing Fun Camps


The ultimate kids fishing camp! Catch-and-release from the shores of Historic Spanish Point like settlers have been doing for over 5,000 years. Great for first-time fishermen or seasoned anglers. Learn about the local fish, how to cast a line, shoreline wading and knot tying like a pro. Learn how to throw a cast net for bait and practice fishing etiquette.

Florida Wildlife Camps


What’s that noise? Is it a turtle or a tortoise? Is that a frog or a toad? Can a frog really turn into a prince? Can owls really spin their heads around? Wildlife adventure camp will take you into the animal world at Historic Spanish Point with I-spy bird watching, Scat & Track Nature Walks, Wild Adventures, and more!

Survivor Adventure Camps


Be a survivor! Whether you’re lost in the city or lost in the wild, you will learn to survive it all. Learn the basics of outdoor skills. Read a map, learn basic Orienteering, make a fire, build shelter, find water, and make primitive tools from the things around you. This adventure camp will be full of outdoor games and fun for your little survivor.

Art & Science Camps


Is there an Art to Science or is there Science in Art. Let the creativity flow and the curious adventure begin. This camp will explore the many ways of sliming. Kids will learn to tie-dye the easy way with science and explore weaving just like they did it in the old days. Why is weaving done? Is it art or science? Let’s experiment and learn about the world around us.